Transactions are the expense lines that you see on your credit card statement. In Rydoo these transactions can be uploaded in several ways. If you do it yourself you can follow these steps:

After receiving your credit card transactions from your bank, you can upload them in Rydoo. In order to do so, go to the 'Transactions' menu via the left navigation column and click on the button 'Add transaction':

If you choose to upload the transactions via our CSV-template, you can click on "Upload transactions" and this pop-up will appear:

You can download the template by clicking on the text "Download it here".
When all data is completed and you have saved the file, you can upload it by clicking on the button "Upload file".

Some extra information regarding the fields in the csv template:
-The date format: dd/mm/yyyy
-Currency code: the currency of the original expense/transaction
-Account currency: your account currency of Rydoo, so the base currency of your accounting. This will be the currency we need to convert to.

If you prefer to work with the PDF statements, you can click on "Upload statements" and select the correct files in the next step:

You can close this page or even log out, the statement will be read out in about 20 minutes.

When hitting "Pending statements", 

you will see the statement that is uploading:

If you made a mistake and you want to remove the pending statement, hoover over it until the button with cross appears and click on the button to delete the processing statement:

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