The menu ‘Advances’ is only visible in the left navigation bar if your administrator has activated it for you.

If it is not visible, all advances for your company will be created by a 'Treasurer'.

To create a Cash Advance as a treasurer.
1. Select the Advances from the Navigation Bar.

2. Click + Create advance

3. Fill in the all the required fields.

  • Date

  • Name

  • Amount

  • Currency

  • User (Select the name of the user from the dropdown list)

4. When all the details have been filled in and the advance is saved, it will be shown in your overview:

Note: The relevant user can now select this payment method when completing the expenses:

For Admins:

As the administrator of the Rydoo account, you can activate the treasurer role by going to 'Company settings' > 'Users' > click on the user that should get the treasurer role > mark the 'Treasurer' checkbox > hit 'Save'.
From now on, that user will see the 'Advances'-tab in the navigation bar.

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