This article applies to all CSV templates that you can download from Rydoo.
Below are the steps on how to fill in and upload a CSV template:

Step 1: Download the CSV Import File

1.1  When adding users/groups, you can download the appropriate CSV Import file from the Rydoo platform, for you to fill in. Here we will use the 'Upload Users' CSV file.

1.2 Click Download it here

Depending on your computer's settings, the file could look like the image below. 

This step can be skipped if the data has been formatted into columns (comma-separated values format).

Step 3: Fill in the Data

All Rydoo CSV files have examples listed on the second row. Administrators can use it as a reference when entering the details. After completing the file, do not forget to delete the sample row. Finally, save the file as UTF-8 CSV so that special characters are imported correctly when uploading this file in Rydoo.


  • Ensure that Branch Name, Group Name and Projects (if applicable) are exactly the same as what is present in the Rydoo platform

  • Keep the header format as it is

  • Leave the columns blank if you won't use them (some are obligatory)

Step 4 (Optional): Change Columns back to Text

If Step No. 2 is skipped, you may also bypass this step. 

Step 5: Upload CSV Import File

Ensure that the file is saved still in CSV UTF-8 format. Locate the page accordingly and click Upload File. 

Step 6: Check the Results

The upload might take a few minutes to be completed. Please do not close the browser without the result banner. 



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