Below are the terms and actions available on the Tax rates page.

Path: Go to Admin > Tax Rates

Tax Rates Details

  • Country: Select from the drop-down menu which Country the rate will apply to.

  • Name: Fill in the tax rate name. This will be visible to end-users when creating expenses.

  • Rate: Percentage (%) value of tax rate.

  • Sub rates: The rate will equal the sum of subrates (i.e. QST & GST)

  • Branch: Select from the drop-down menu which Branch the rate will apply to.

  • Code: Enter the Account Code that will show on your reports.

  • Status: A green toggle means active; a gray toggle means the rate is not active.


  • More Options: This is the 3 dots option beside the status switch.

    Edit - Edit the existing tax rate set up.

    Duplicate - This allows you to copy the same exact configuration for other countries or branches.

    Delete - Delete the tax configuration. Please note that once deleted, we can no longer retrieve it.

  • Activate tax rate: Same as status, but can also be found in tax rate details.

  • Assign tax rate to branch: This allows you to assign a tax rate for each branch.

  • Apply tax rate to the following categories: This allows you to assign the tax rate to selected categories only.

    NOTE: This setting will only show once you have selected a Branch.

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