Once the linked account request has been accepted, the requestor can access the linked account.

1. Go to your Profile > Linked Accounts

2. Choose the profile you wish to access

You will be redirected to the chosen person's account.


  • If you receive a 500 error message when trying to change to the linked account it might mean that you have linked yourself to the incorrect role e.g. you've chosen approver whilst the person is not an approver. In this case, please cancel the connection and request it again with the correct role.

  • A linked account can use all of Rydoo's features that the owner has granted you access to, except linking it to yet another account or transactions paid with a personal payment card. 

  • Any of the two parties can cancel the link at any time, via the same route you created the link.

  • Linking is not bi-directional: If you link your account to another, you can access the other account but he can not access your account.

  • If Rydoo Travel is enabled for the other user, you can't access Rydoo Travel in a linked account.

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