Depending on your company's policy, you might encounter different warnings when creating expenses. These serve to inform you, your approver/controller/finance.
If necessary, additional steps need to be taken to resolve the warning.

Real-time policy warning

Rydoo offers real-time rule warnings to make sure users fill in the correct information before submitting their expenses.

Real-time rule warnings on web

Real-time rule warnings on mobile

Policy Warning

If an expense opposes company policy or is a duplicate, it will be highlighted with a yellow warning icon. After opening the expense, you can see which rule is being opposed. You can still submit expenses, even if they display a warning.

Warning icon

A blue warning icon next to an expense can have several meanings. When you hover over it with your cursor, you can see what the cause is. They are there to catch the attention of the approvers, as one of the following things could apply: 

  • The information read out by the OCR has been changed (or the mileage in mileage expenses). 

  • The expense has been flagged as a possible duplicate due to a similar expense on that day 

  • Attendees have been tagged in the expense

  • The expense has been rejected in the past

  • Some of the expense fields have been edited (amount, exchange rate, etc).

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