Per diem is a specific amount of money given to an employee to cover living expenses when traveling for work. There are two ways how to create a per diem in Rydoo: ‘As Trip’ and as ‘Individual Days’. 

Here below are the steps:

Go to Expense > click Add Expense and select Create Per Diem

As A trip, this will allow users to create per diem in multiple days. While the Individual Days, is only for a single day travel.  

To create per diem 'As a trip': 

  1. Select 'As a trip' and the Trip from the drop-down list. The per diem will be created automatically. 
  2. Once done, click Save or Submit


  • If per diems are not automatically created, click Enable daily travel per diems
  • If a warning 'No Per Diems to be Created' See Article Below. 

To create a per diem Individual Days

  1. Select 'Individual days' and the Trip from the drop-down list
  2. Select the Day you would like to create per diem.  
  3. Once done, click Save or Submit

Important: If you click Save, these per diems won't be submitted but will be listed in your expense overview. When ready, please don't forget to Submit these per diems.

To create a trip, click article below: 

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