While creating Per Diems, a user can receive the following warning:
'No Per Diems to be created'. See image below:

Troubleshooting Guide:

1 . Go to Admin > Per Diems.
Is there a Per diems list that's active, and if so, is the date still in range? If this is the case, then it could be that the country is not listed.
To add the Country, Branch and the Year, see article below:

2. Verify if the user is assigned to a Branch and Group.
If not, please assign the user to a Branch and Group. Go to Admin > Users > select the profile of the user > below in the 'Groups' section, add the Branch and Group and click on Add Group.

Note: The travel time should also meet the Per diem requirements that have been configured for the account (e.g: Per diem has to be longer then several hours/calender days). 

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