Different roles have their own accesses and depending on the company's needs, Administrators can restrict some of the features. Listed below are the settings that can be turned on or off for the Personal Role in the Expense section.

Path: Admin > Roles > Click Personal > Expenses tab

What User Sees
Add = Yes

Edit = Yes

Recall = Yes

Delete = Yes

Allow submit before trip end date = No

Trip Details

Expense Details
*If Saved, the orange banner will pop up. 

Prevent split expense if expense is not matched with corporate card transactions = YES

*Split Expense is available but an orange banner will show when Saved or Submitted.

Submit only possible if expense is matched with a company card transaction = Yes
*If Match not found and tried to Submit/Save, an orange banner will pop up. 

Edit exchange rate = Yes

Allow to add occurrences to a mileage expense = Yes

Allow to add expenses for all groups within a branch = Yes
*Group field will show that allows users to select a group where the expense belongs to. 

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