By default, Rydoo uses the exchange rate of, for all expenses made in foreign currencies. This is calculated based upon the date on the receipt or invoice.

Editing the exchange rate is a setting that can be turned on and off depending on your company’s policy. If activated, you will see the edit icon in the exchange rate field. 

1. Go to Expense > Open the expense in question > Click "edit" icon

2. Edit exchange rate pop-up message appears. Choose either of the two options:  
    2.1  Based on the rate
          This will allow you to override the rate from If you select this, the                        system will recalculate the total expense amount.
    2.2 Based on how much you exchanged
          This will allow you to manually enter the exact amount you exchange for and                 what you received. 

3. Click Save and the new exchange rate will reflect right away. NOTE: A warning will show after you edit the exchange rate. This serves as a notification to your approver/controller/finance about the change made. 

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