From the Dashboard, you can view the expenses that need your approval. 

To approve expense/s. 

1. Switch roles from Personal to Approver

2. In the Approver view you will see the following. 

  • Expense for Approval - The Expenses that need your Approval.

  • Unsubmitted Expenses - The Expenses that are created but not yet submitted to you. 

3. Click the Expenses for Approval.

4. Select the expense/s that you need to approve under the TO DO. If the expense is good to go, click Approve or Reject if needed.

  • There are two option to approve or reject expense(s).

    A. Select the Expense(s) then click approve or reject in the expense overview.
    B. Click on an expense to open it. Inside the Expense, the Approve and Reject tab will show below. 

Or you can go to Expenses > APPROVER > TO DO, to approve Expenses.

How to Reject the expense/s. 

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