Use Rydoo to effortlessly and automatically manage your business rides with Lyft – Making Your Work Rides Less Work! 

Take a Lyft business ride

Tap to your Lyft business account to take a ride for work. After the ride, Lyft will send you a receipt to your email address. And if you connect your Rydoo account with your Lyft business account, the receipt is also automatically sent to your Rydoo account.

To set up:

1. Go to your Lyft Settings
   Go to Settings in your Lyft app. Tap Business Profile and confirm that the email               address matches your work email.

2. Select Rydoo Application
    Tap Expense Management and select Rydoo.

3. Match Accounts  
    Check to ensure the email address matches the email address tied to your Rydoo         account. Once you tap your selection, you’re all set.

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