Once Rydoo CSM confirms that the integration has been enabled, you can proceed to sync records in Rydoo. 

In Netsuite: 

To create new employees in Netsuite, open the "employee" page by going to Lists > Employees > Employees > New

Step 1: Ensure the key employee details are filled in: 

  • Email address
  • Name 
  • Initials
  • Currency
  • Subsidiary
  • Department (will be synced as 'groups' in Rydoo). New 'Departments' can be added by going to Setup > Company > Departments > New.
  • Supervisor (Rydoo has 2 levels or approval. Supervisor can be set as either 'approver' or 'controller' in Rydoo). If supervisors are set as approvers in rydoo, controllers can be manually maintained with a CSV upload in Rydoo.

Step 2: Ensure that the 'exclude from Rydoo' checkbox is unticked if you wish to sync the employee record to Rydoo. If the customer is using Rydoo Travel module, we also sync some of the mandatory user information. For this to be correctly synced, you need to check the tickbox 'enable Rydoo Travel' in the employee page under "Access" tab. 

The following fields can be synced to Rydoo travel using Netsuite integration:

Gender: This is essential for user to create a travel booking.

Birth Date: This field can be found in Netsuite under the "employees" page > Human resources. Once the value is provided in Netsuite for relevant users, the data can be synced to Rydoo travel.

Job Position: which is equal to community in Rydoo. This can be used to set up various travel policies depending on the community of the user.

Nationality: This field is essential for Rydoo travel when a user makes a travel booking.

Note: Inactive users will in Netsuite will be synced as 'inactive' in Rydoo. If you do not wish to sync specific employee record, you need to make sure that the 'exclude from Rydoo' checkbox is ticked.

Step 3: To sync categories, ensure the categories you want to sync to Rydoo is already created in Netsuite. New expense categories can be added in Netsuite by going to Setup > Accounting > Expense Categories > New.

In Rydoo:

You can log in as as the admin > settings > Integrations 

Where you will be able to sync 'employee records' and 'supervisor records'. However, you need to set the level of approval ('approver' or 'controller').

If you are still testing the application, be sure to turn on the 'test mode' so the users synced to Rydoo do not receive the 'activation email'.

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