When adding users via CSV file, you will see "commutertraffic" column and wonder what it is for. This is commonly used to enter the travel distance of user/s for non-business related travel which generally their travel from home to office. 

As an Administrator, you could enter their estimated travel distance under this column. The entered travel distance will then be deducted to all mileage expense of users. 

What Admin Sees

In Admin > Users > Add > Upload users

Sample Upload users template

When you enter a value under commutertraffic, Daily Commute Distance field will show in User Profile. 

NOTE: You could only activate Daily commute distance field via CSV file and change the value when deem necessary. 

What User Sees
After saving their mileage expense, Daily commute distance (km) field will show and the system will deduct the amount from Expense Total. 

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