For mobile application version 5.15.0 onwards, the feature to scan a receipt for a linked account is available.

When taking a picture of a receipt, the option to select the person you would like to scan for will show. Here's how:

After taking photos, these options will show:

Add Page - allows you to add an additional page for a longer receipt or multiple page invoices.
NOTE: You can add as many pages as you want, as long as it does not exceed the 19.5 MB limit. 

Retake - allows you to delete the captured photo and take another one. 

Adjust - allows you to crop the captured photo for better viewing of receipt details. 

Arrange - allows you to re-arrange or sort the captured photos as deemed necessary. NOTE: This option will appear only when you captured multiple pages. 

Create expense - the OCR will start reading the receipt details (date, currency, merchant and amount) and add it as an expense. 

Once the upload has been completed, the expense will appear in linked account's expense dashboard.

For documentation, details of who uploaded the receipt and the date will be available in Expense > History section via Web only. 

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