The Rydoo app has the ability to scan receipts on behalf of other users.

After having linked your colleague's account with yours, follow the steps below to start scanning for your colleague with the mobile app:

  • Click on the + Add Expenses

  • Tap on the Scan Receipts

  • On the screen, you will see your name. Tap on the drop-down arrow.

  • Select the name of the user that you are delegating to.

  • The screen will show a message You’re Scanning now for (name of the user that you are delegating to)”. Take a picture of the receipt by tapping on the camera icon.

  • Click on Create Expense

  • A message will appear Uploading for (name of the user you are delegating to)”. The Expense is now available in the To-Do list of the user.

IMPORTANT: Rydoo highly recommends enabling your SAVE IMAGES option in Settings > Preferences. This will ensure that you will always have a copy of your receipt images on your phone gallery, not just in the mobile app.

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