If you are not familiar which role/s to assign, feel free to check out this article first which explains you all the roles and permissions within Rydoo. 

Once you get familiar with the different roles, there are two ways on how to assign it to users. 

Manual Assignment
This is commonly used when assigning roles to one or few users. Here's how:

1. Go to Admin > Users > Open profile in question.
2. Under Roles section, mark/check applicable roles.
3. Click Save.

NOTE: When Group, Project or Custom field approval is enabled, a drop-down menu will show. Please ensure to choose which group/project/custom field the user will be assigned to. 

Via CSV file import
This method is used when assigning roles for multiple users at the same time. Please note that this applies to  Approvers and Controllers only. Here's how:

1. Go to Admin > Users
2. Click Add button > Assign Approver and/or Assign Controller

NOTE: The CSV import file details depends on your approval flow. Full details on how to fill in and upload the file can be found in the articles below:

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