In the Finance role, you can view all the expense/s that need to submitted, to be approved, and to be controlled (If your company has a controller).

If there are expense/s 'to submit, expenses to approve, or expense to control' you can send a reminder to the users to submit the expense, to the approver to approve the expenses and controller to control the expense. 

Here are the steps to send an email reminder. 

  1. Go to Expense 

  2. Switch the role from Personal to Finance 

  3. Click ALL to view all the expenses.  

  4. Select the expense/s that you wish to send an email reminder (To submit, submitted, or approved)

  5. From the Actions drop-down list, select Send reminder

Note: A confirmation message will show up at the top of the screen, once the email is sent.

To send email reminder to the approver as a user. Click the article below. 

To send email reminder to the user as the approver, Click the article below. 

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