As Finance, you are the only role who could run an Accounting Report. In case you missed clicking a report format you needed but the export file went on, there's no need for you to worry because we have a workaround. 

Before we begin, please be informed that we can no longer make any changes to an exported file. The step below is an alternative way to help you achieve the file you needed.

1. Pick up the date when the expenses were reported. You can use the filter section to sort the expenses per status = reported and/or expense date = date reported.
NOTE: You may add filter category as deemed necessary but the two mentioned above are commonly used. 

2. Select all expenses and Un-Report.

Important! By manually unreporting an expense, it will still be available in the created accounting report that changed its status to reported. Set it back as reported afterward or delete the accounting report as well.

OPTIONAL - If you need to reprocess the report, you may proceed with the next steps.
3. Re-run the Accounting Report with the correct file format this time.

For your reference, here's how to enable CSV and XML file formats. 

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