Rydoo provides different kinds of email notifications across all roles. One of them is the automatic notification per role that summarizes expense movement within your profile.

Mail frequency options:

  • Immediate

  • Daily | Sent every day at midnight

  • Weekly | Sent every Monday

  • Monthly | Sent every 1st of the month

  • Never

There are two ways on how to change this according to your preferences. Here's how:

Option 1: Via Personal Settings

Go to your Profile > Personal Settings > Mail > In frequency field, change how frequently you want the notifications to be sent to you (this can be set per role) > Click on Save

Option 2: Using the link in the email

NOTE: This option applies only you wanted to change the frequency to Never or turn off the email notifications.

From your e-mail, click Manage email frequency. You will be redirected to your Rydoo Mail settings. 

For your reference, this setting turns off the email notifications with the following subjects:

For User:           Rydoo activity overview
For Approver:   Rydoo approver activity overview
For Controller:  Rydoo controller activity overview


Please note that email notifications and email reminders have different settings.

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