Are you still receiving emails from Rydoo even after setting mail frequency to never? Rydoo provides notifications that are helpful for all roles. Some examples are reminding a user to submit an expense or approver that needs to approve your expense/s. 

If you are receiving notifications with "Reminder" in the subject line then, this is a company-wide setting and is sent when Send Reminder button is utilized.  

How to change email reminder settings?

Before you begin, please note that the steps below could only be done by an Administrator.

Path: Go to Admin > Roles > Personal/Approver/Controller > Look for Company - Expenses - Action - Send Reminder > Set to No > Save

Once disabled, the Send Reminder button will no longer be available to all users with the said role. 

Sample of Reminder Emails subjects are:

For User:           Reminder: Some expenses are waiting to be submitted
For Approver:   Reminder: Expenses/Trips are waiting for your approval
For Controller:  Reminder: Some expenses are waiting to be controlled


Other email notifications such as Invitation Mail, Change Password, Forwarded Receipt, and/or Rejected Expenses are non-modifiable and are sent automatically. 

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