All roles have the capability to create a report. However, this is a setting that can be turned on and off by an Administrator depending on the company's policy. 

Listed below are the types of reports that can be created, generated, and/or extracted within Rydoo and its overview. Feel free to click each link for more details. 

Reimburse Report
Lists all approved and reimbursable expenses specifically expense that have gone through approval flow but have not yet been reported. This is available to Users/Personal roles only and is a good way to notify users that their expense reached the Accounting department and is ready to be reimbursed. 

Standard Report
A custom report that can be built from filters or manually selecting expenses and is available to all roles. 

Accounting Report
A report that consists of all user's reimbursable expenses and is available to the Finance role only. 

Export File
A report that contains company-level details such as user profile details, linked accounts, approvers, out-of-office approvers, controllers, and categories. Note that this is available to the Administrators only. 

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