If your company is using per diem, or daily allowance to cover the living expenses of employees when traveling for work, you can submit them on the go with the Rydoo App.

Before you begin, please note that per diems created via the mobile app are always created as a Trip. If you are adding individual days, please proceed via the Web.

Follow these steps to add the daily allowance to your trip:

1. Tap on the + Add Expense button.

2. Tap on Add per diem.

3. Select A trip (Optional)

  • When you tap on Select a trip, this will allow you to select a trip and create a per diem expense.

  • If the trip is not available in the selection you can manually enter the details of the trip by filling in the From and To Location, Date, and Time.

5. Once completed, tap on the Calculate per diem.

6. When in Deduction, swipe to the right to deduct any per diem items that have already been covered (e.g. free lunch offered by the company or breakfast included in your hotel expenses).

7. Once done. Tap on Submit, or on Save to submit your expense later.

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