If your company is using per diem, or daily allowance to cover the living expenses of employees when traveling for work, the Rydoo mobile app can help you submit your per diem, or daily allowance reimbursement. 

Here are the steps to create per diem, or daily allowance through the mobile app. 

1. From Rydoo mobile app home page, select 'Expenses'

2. In 'My Expenses'. At the bottom of the page, click the 'Expense' then select 'Add a per diem'.

3. Select Trip

4. Click the Plus (+) sign at the right side of the screen.

5. Enter a name of the trip, then fill in the 'From, Date and Time' and 'To, Date and Time'. Click Save, once done. 

6. Once saved, the trip details will appear on the next page, fill in all the required fields. Click Save to create the per diem, or daily allowance expense.


  • Fill in all required fields. All fields with asterisk are required fields.
  • Select + ADD A DESTINATION if multiple trips. 

7. A confirmation page will appear ‘The following per diems will be created’. Click      Save to continue creating the expenses.

8. The per diem expense is now created and ready to submit under ‘My expenses’ in 'To Do'.

To create per diem, or daily allowance via web. 

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