Payment Methods are used to identify if an expense is reimbursable or not. Depending on your company's policy, it is possible to use your own personal card in paying a company expense.

Below are the steps on how to add your own payment method:

1. In Navigation Bar, click your Profile > Personal Settings > Payment Method > Click Add Payment Method button

2. Fill out all required fields

Field Format:

Field Name


Payment Method Type

Choose from the drop-down menu:

  • Debit card

  • Credit card

  • Transfer

  • Paypal

  • Prepaid

  • Cheque

  • American Express

  • Lodge Card

  • KBC

IMPORTANT: Make sure to choose 'American Express' in the payment method type field when adding this type of Card either Personal or Company issued.


Enter your desired payment method name. This is the name that will show in Paid With field when creating expense/s.

Card Number

Enter the full card number.

Account Number

Enter the complete account number.

NOTE: This is required only for Paypal Transfer and Cheque payment methods.

Card Ownership

Choose from the drop-down menu:

  • Personal (Reimbursable)

  • Company (Non-Reimbursable)

NOTE: This is a role-based setting. If you don't see this option, all your payment methods will be set to Personal.

Payment Method State

This is marked/checked by default. When it does, the new payment method will be available to use.

Default Payment Method

When marked/checked, the payment method will be pre-filled in your Paid With field.

NOTE: You can only select one default payment method, but will remain interchangeable.

3. Click Save

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