The transactions are the expense lines that you see on your credit card statement. After receiving your credit card transactions from the bank, you can import them to Rydoo via XLSX template.

Rydoo also supports automatic reconciliation of card transactions by integrating directly with your bank or card network. Please contact us to know more details.

To upload your transactions.

1. Ensure that the card is added to your profile as a payment method.

2. Go to Transactions > Click ALL TRANSACTIONS button > Choose Import.


  • This option is a role-based and company setting. If you don't see the button to import transactions, please contact your finance team.

3. A pop-up message will appear. Click .XLSX template to create a transaction file.

4. Fill in the required details.

Transactions Field Format

Field Name



Date of transaction (required)

Enter the transaction date in a date format.


Original transaction amount (required)

Enter the foreign or converted amount.


Merchant name (required)

Enter the merchant/vendor name


Original currency code (required)

Enter the actual/originating transaction currency.

Example: If you purchase an item in the United States where the currency is in US Dollars, enter USD in this field.


Enter the last four digits of the card ONLY (required)

Enter the last four digits of the card added as a payment method.

NOTE: Enter the last five digits of the card if you are using AMEX.


Billed currency in bank statement (required)

Enter the currency that you would like to show on your transaction.

This is used when the originating currency is different from your Rydoo default currency.


Billed amount in bank statement (required)

Enter the actual and exact transaction amount.


5. When completed. Save the file.

6. Go back to Step 3. Click the + to select or drag the file to upload.

7. When the upload is completed, the green notification will appear on the top. The transactions will appear in a few seconds.


  • To prevent errors, please keep the template as it is. Do NOT rearrange the columns, rename headers, or change the file to another excel format.

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