Transactions are the expense lines that you see on your credit card statement. After receiving your credit card transactions from your bank, you can upload them in Rydoo. If you do it yourself, you can follow the steps provided below. 

1. Ensure that the card is added in your profile as a payment method

2. Go to Transactions > Click (+) Add Transaction button > Choose Upload Transactions

3. Download Upload Transactions template. 

4. Fill out the details. 

This is how it looks like after downloading the file. 

(OPTIONAL) Change Text to Columns

Transactions Field Format

5. Save file as CSV UTF-8 format.

*If you are using Windows and changed the data type from text to columns, don't forget to switch it back.

6. Go back to Transactions page (Step 1) and Upload the file

6. Check the Results. 


  • This option is a role-based setting. If you don't see Transactions from the Navigation Bar, kindly reach out to your Company Administrator. 
  • To prevent errors, please keep the template as it is. Do NOT re-arrange the columns, re-name headers or change file to another excel format. 

If you prefer working with PDF files, you may also upload your transactions per statement. 

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