What is transaction matching?

Once a receipt has been uploaded, Rydoo will look for a match to the corresponding corporate card feed. If a match is confirmed, a credit card icon will appear at your expense.

Also, after taping on the expense you will see that the β€œPayment method” has changed into the credit card that was used for this expense. All this happens automatically.

What if Rydoo cannot detect a match?

Rydoo won't be able to detect a match if the basic information between a transaction and an expense is different (F.e. the amount is slightly different because of the exchange rate)

But don't worry! You can manually match an expense with the right transaction in a few seconds with the mobile app. See below

Can I match the transaction with the web app?

Yes! You can also manually match an expense with a transaction with the web app. Check the article below.

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