A lodge card is a credit card that is specifically designed for business travel expenditure. As a Finance, you can upload lodge card transactions in different user profiles. Here's how:

1. Ensure that the card details are already added to the user profile as a payment method

2. Act as Finance and Go to Transactions > Click (+) Add Transaction > Choose Upload Lodgecard transactions

3. Download Upload lodge card transactions template

4. Fill in the required details.

This is how it looks like after downloading the file. 

(OPTIONAL) Change Text to Columns

Field Format

Field Name


Transaction Date



Enter the original amount.


Enter the merchant name.

Currency Code

Enter the originating currency.

Lodge Card Number

Enter the last four digits of the lodge card added as a payment method.

Account Currency


Enter the foreign currency

NOTE: This is used when the actual transaction currency is different from your Rydoo default currency.

Account Amount


Enter the foreign amount.


Enter the email address of the user to where the transactions should be assigned to.

Traveler ID

Enter the traveler ID of the user.

NOTE: It should be the same as the Traveler ID entered in the user's lodge card payment method.

Transaction ID


Enter the transaction ID found in the card statement.

5. Save file as CSV UTF-8 format.

*If you are using Windows and changed the data type from text to columns, don't forget to switch it back.

6. Go back to Transactions page (Step 1) and Upload the file

6. Check the Results. 

To prevent errors, please keep the template as it is. Do NOT re-arrange the columns, re-name headers or change file to another excel format. 

You may also upload credit card transactions and statements for users. 

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