All upload/import files within Rydoo are formatted in CSV. If you changed the import file from text to columns then, you will need to revert it back when you are done filling out the required information and ready to upload. 

You will need to save import file as CSV UTF-8 format.
          The steps below does NOT apply to Mac users. 

In Windows, saving CSV UTF-8 format does not guarantee that it is semicolon delimited which Rydoo requires for all types of import. Below is the alternative way on how to change columns back to text. 

1. Locate the saved import file, select, right click and open with Notepad

This is how it looks like

2. Replace all comma with semicolon by clicking Edit > Replace

3. Find comma "," , Replace with semicolon ";" and click Replace All

4. Click File and Save.

Your file is now ready to Upload.

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