Custom fields are additional expense fields of data to the user profile, expense form, groups, projects, trips, or advances. They will be shown online and in the mobile app every time an expense is created.

To add a custom field

  • Go to Admin > select Custom Fields and click + Add custom field. 

  • Fill in the details, types, roles, and settings sections.

    You can find each field's details and descriptions here.

  • Click Save.

NOTE: Once you saved the custom field details, you can no longer change the selected field type (Text or List).

Adding a list custom field? You can check the article below on how to add the list items.

Custom Fields and Description




Enter the custom field name. This will be the name that will show to end-users and your reports.

The maximum number of characters is 100.

External ID

Enter the code for your field name.

Used in

Select where the field will be shown.





You can also select whether the field is limited to certain expense types:



Per Diems

NOTE: You can select one field location (Expense, Group, Project, or User) but you can select multiple expense types (Expense, Mileage, and Per Diems).


Add a checkmark to make the field mandatory.


Select whether the field is a free text field or a list.

  • Text

  • List


Select whether the field is visible to all or certain roles. Options are as follows:

  • Approver, Controller, and Finance

  • Controller and Finance

  • Finance


Toggle the switch to green to make the custom field active.

Reporting filter

Toggle the switch to green to show the custom field in the Expenses > filters section.

NOTE: This setting will only show after you saved the custom field details.

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