The categories will be used to manage expenses and can be linked to an accounting code for reporting purposes. Rydoo has a default category, you can continue with the default categories or you can delete or edit the categories. 

Here are the steps to add a category. 

  1.  Go to Admin > Categories
  2. Click + Add Category 

3. Fill in the necessary fields

  • Category name
  • Branch
  • Accounting Number
  • To enable the category, make sure that the Activate this Category is ticked.

4. Once done, you can click Save. 

Note: After adding your categories, you can choose some extra options for your categories, click on the relevant category and you will be able to set a limit per expense type or set default values. 

To delete the categories. 

  1. Go to Admin, select the Categories
  2. Select the categories you would like to delete. 
  3. Click Action, in the drop-down Select Delete

Note: If the category has been used to an expense, it is not possible to delete it. However, you have the option to disable it. 

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