In the expense rules, you can create a rule based on the amount per night by choosing the condition 'amount' where you have the option 'per night (check-in/out-dates)'

To create a rule based on the amount per night, here are the steps.
1. Go to Admin > Expense Rules and Click + Add expense rules.

2. Click Add Condition and Select Amount from the drop-down list

3. Add your nightly amount limit and select per night (check-in / out dates).

Optional: You can set this rule per attendee and country.

4. Set rule actions



Show warning in expense

When the conditions you set are met, the system will show a yellow warning at the user's expense.

Important! The yellow warning will remain at the user's expense but they can still submit.

Auto approve or control

Expenses will automatically be approved and/or controlled.

In expense history, it will show that Rydoo approved or controlled the expense.

Create counter expense

The system will create a negative expense.

5. Enter the rule's name and brief description. Set the status to active and click Add expense rule.

Did you know that you could include the total amount a user already spent per day/week/month/year in a rule warning? Check the article below:

To require the check-in and check-out date. See the below article.

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