The Rydoo mobile app is a very simple and efficient way for you to snap a picture of your expense receipts while on the go. In this article we will show you the main actions you can take on the home screen.

After you log in, the first screen you will see, is the one below:

Quick camera access

On the upper-right corner you will find a quick access to the camera


This will allow you to view all the status of your expense.

The menu

The menu is located at the bottom and from there you can access: Expenses, Travel*, Approval, and Settings.

The +Add expenses button

To start creating your expenses, tap on + Add expenses and this will allow you to:

1. Scan Receipts - Upload receipts and go

2. Add an Expense Manually

Tap and fill in the expense details yourself.

3. Add a Per Diem

Tap to add the daily allowance of your trip.

4. Add a Mileage

Tap to create and submit your mileage expenses.

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