In this section, you will find more information on how expense flow works. From expense submission, rejection to reporting.

Approval Flow

After submitting an expense, it will run through the approval process. Below you can find an outline of the basic flow. The process displayed can however vary from account to account.


The system is extracting all relevant data such as Date, Amount, Currency, and Merchant.


Not all fields have been filled out.


The expense has been submitted to your approver.


An expense that is in Submitted status can be recalled for corrections.


The expense has been approved by your approver and/or controller.


Finance has already received the expense and is in the process of reimbursement.


  • The time it takes for expenses to go from one step to another varies per company and will depend on how fast your approver/controller/finance will take action.

  • When you feel that the expense approval takes longer than usual, you could notify the person in charge by using the Send a Reminder option.

  • Depending on the company's preference, a Controller may or may not be present in your approval flow. The controller serves as the second level of approval and can be enabled in Advanced Settings if needed.

Rejection Flow

After submitting expenses, All roles (Approver, Controller, Finance) may reject them. Please note that all rejected expenses go back to the user regardless of the step.

Users will automatically receive a notification when there are rejected expense/s, but could always use the Reply feature to explain and re-submit the expense.

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