There are instances where rate changes when a certain number of mileage are met. Here’s where Sub-rate comes in. Administrators can add the sub-rate based on country or vehicle group per year/expense.

To add sub-rate per main mileage rate

  1. Go to Admin > Mileage > Choose the existing mileage rate.

  2. Click Add Sub rate button.

  3. Fill in required fields. Once done, Click Save

Field Name


Sub Rate

Enter the rate the system will apply once the above is met.

Apply Above

Set the number of units where the sub-rate applies.


Choose if:

  • Per year Or;

  • Per expense


Enter the account code that will reflect in your Accounting Report.

To add Sub Rate per vehicle group.

  1. Click Add Mileage Rate of Existing rate.

  2. In Vehicle Group field, click (+) icon.

  3. Add vehicle group page appears.

  4. Click Edit button

  5. Click Add Sub rate

  6. Enter the required information.

7. Click Save.

NOTE: Rydoo calculates the mileage rates by the fiscal year that was set up in the Branch, so the sub rates will be calculated accordingly. The Fiscal date can be set up under the Branch tab.

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