Different roles have their own access and depending on the company's needs, Administrators can restrict some of the Controller options within Rydoo. This can be found in Admin > Under USER MANAGEMENT, Roles > click Controller.

Listed below are the settings that can be turned on or off for all controllers in your platform.

Expenses Page


Controllers without control option sounds absurd, right? This is rarely turned off but when it does, all controllers won't see a Control button for expenses.


Same as the Control button, when turned off, all controllers won't be able to reject expenses.


In the image above, you will notice that all fields are modifiable. It is an identifier that the Edit setting is enabled. This is useful when controllers need to update some details themselves instead of sending the expense back to the user. All changes made by controllers will show in the Expense History area.

Send Reminder

The Send Reminder option for Controllers applies when there are expenses in Submitted status. This is to remind the Approver to approve the expense and it moves forward to the next step. Either open the expense or mark checkboxes > click Action to Send Reminder.


There are times when controllers have to take back the Control action that they did. In this case, the Un-Control button will show when there are expenses in Controlled status and needs to change the status back. (Ex: From Controlled back to Approved). The expense will then go back to the controller's queue. Either open the expense or mark checkboxes > click Action to Control.

Potential duplicates (company)

When set to Yes, the system shows potential duplicates not just for the user of that expense but for all users under the company.


Create Custom Reports

This setting controls the export button from the Expense page. When enabled, controllers have the capability to create custom/standard reports.

Export Custom Reports to PDF & Export Custom Reports to CSV

Shows or hide PDF and CSV file format for all controllers.


This setting refers to the visibility of the "reports" inside the Reports section.


We highly recommend that "Creating Custom Reports" and "View" settings are set the same way. Because when View setting is set to "No", but Create Custom Report is set to "Yes" all controllers will experience the following:

  • Will see the Report section (No. 3 from the image above), but it will not show any reports anymore.

  • Can still download all the reports they made when creating a NEW report.

  • When creating a report, controllers will see all the previously made reports. But when they exit the page and then click reports again, the page will become empty.

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