Via Admin > Payment methods page, you get an overview of the different payment methods of your employees. Via a combination of filters and views, you can narrow down the overview to the information you need.

From this page you can add/edit the details from the payment methods of an employee or check the validation status of a card.

Bulk actions allow you to efficiently manage multiple payment methods so you can export a selection, activate/deactivate a list or send a validation reminder to a bigger set of employees.

Add payment method

Adding a new payment method has never been easier. Click the Add payment method button, select the user and the payment method type. Now fill in the details.

If a card validation is required, the admin can send a validation request to the user.

Once the card has been validated, we'll indicate it via a green checkmark and a label 'Validated'.

Expenses can be automatically created from the transaction feed of your bank. Please make sure to check the box "auto create expenses" once you have validated your card.

If you have an integration with an accounting package or ERP system, you can select the account from the dropdown menu.


By default, Rydoo is providing you a set of saved filters (=views), to help you find the overview you need.

  • All active payment methods (default)

  • All payment methods

  • Cards to be validated

  • Company payment methods

  • Personal payment methods

You can find this page under the Admin settings as 'Payment methods'.

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