Rydoo made it easy to add Projects within the platform. There are two ways on how to do so.

  1. Manual that works when setting one or few projects; OR
  2. Upload via CSV file which is recommended when adding multiple projects at the same time.

This guide will show how to upload multiple projects.

Role Needed

OPTIONAL: To ensure that Project field will be visible to all users. You may check the Advanced Settings specifically Show the project field in all expenses or make it required. Again, only if needed.

To Upload Multiple Projects

1. Go to Admin > Projects > Click Upload project list

2. Download Project List template. You could also download it here.

3. Fill in the required details.
(OPTIONAL) Change Text to Columns

Field Format

4. Save file as CSV UTF-8 format.

*If you are using Windows and changed the data type from text to columns, don't forget to switch columns back to text.

5. Go back to Projects page (Step 1) and Upload the file.

6. Check the Results.


  • To prevent errors, please keep the template as it is.
  • Do NOT re-arrange the columns, re-name headers or change file to another excel format.
  • Avoid using consecutive special characters
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