Are taxes being reduced temporarily in the country where you are located? If the answer is yes, then as an Admin make sure to follow the tips below!

💡 TIP 1 : Create the exceptional Tax Rates and add a reference to COVID 19 to avoid your colleagues choosing the wrong tax rate when submitting their expenses. Creating Tax Rates on Rydoo is easy! Click on the link below to see how-to:

💡 TIP 2 : Don't deactivate your other Tax Rates, as your colleagues may still need to expense old receipts.

💡 TIP 3 : Before reporting expenses, we recommend controllers to: go to the Finance page > click on the filter icon > and on the bar that appears from the right, use the filters Expense date and Tax rate to identify the expenses that have the wrong tax rate.

When these are identified, click on them, assign the right tax rate and save.

💡 TIP 4 : If the previous taxes rates are restored in the country you are located, make sure to deactivate the temporary ones. You can do this by going to the settings⚙️ > Tax Rates > select the tax rate that you want to deactivate > untick the box > click on save.

But also, make sure you leave some window in between as your colleagues may still need to expense receipts billed when the taxes were exceptionally reduced.

🔎 You can always find this article by going to and using the keyword 'tax rates' on the search bar.


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