When creating a mileage expense, there are action buttons that you can use.

1. Favorites

  • When you use the same address regularly, you may save it by clicking the icon (Star) in From and To fields.

  • A pop-up screen appears – name your favorite location:

2. Add Alternative Routes

  • When you have multiple destinations, you may add another route by clicking the icon (+) and additional To field will appear.

3. Occurrences

When you drove the same route several times in a few days/week and you want to submit it in one expense. Simply change the occurrences to the number of times you drove the same route.

4. Back and Forth

Check this box when you drove the same route back. This will double the total number of calculated distances.

5. Choose Alternative Routes

Change the default route by choosing from the drop-down list below the map.

6. Upload Receipts

If you would like to attach a receipt to your mileage expense.

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