This is where Administrators can add or edit a mileage rate for the calculation of mileage expenses. The system creates the default rate “Car”. Administrators can easily update it to the correct rate and details.

To create a mileage rate.

  1. Go to Admin > Mileage > + Add Mileage Rate.

  2. Fill in all the necessary fields.

  3. Once completed, click Save.

Mileage Rate Field Description

Field Name


Rate Name

Enter the mileage name rate.

Maximum of 200 characters.

Rate Start Date

Enter the date when the rate starts.

Vehicle Group

Select which vehicle type users could choose from.

Example: Engine size, Car brand and etc.

Travel Mode

Choose from the drop-down menu:

  • Driving

  • Walking

  • Cycling

  • Public Transit

Set Mileage Rate

Enter the amount/rate per distance.


Select from the drop-down menu which currency follows the rate.

Distance Unit

A unit that the user follows:

  • Kilometer

  • Mile


Enter the account code that will show on Accounting Reports.

Maximum of 255 characters


When checked, the mileage rate will be active for users.


When checked, any mileage expenses will be reimbursed to users.

When not checked, mileage is for reporting purposes only.


Select the branch to where the mileage rate is applied to.

NOTE: You can only associate one branch per mileage rate.

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