Mileage is used to report car-related expenses that are incurred when the vehicle is used for business purposes. Please note that this feature may be disabled based on your company’s policy.

Here are the steps to add a Mileage Expense.

1. Go to Expenses > Add Expenses > Mileage Expense.

2. Fill in the date and the addresses ‘From’ and ‘To’. Our connection with Google Maps will do the rest for you.

These are the actions you could do while creating Mileage expense.

A. Changing Mileage Distance - This is configurable depending on the company’s policy. If enabled, users can override the distance calculated by Google Maps.

B. Occurrences - This is used/modified when you drove the same route several times in a few days/weeks and you want to submit it in one expense. Simply change the occurrences to the number of times you drove the same route.

C. Back and Forth - Mark/Check this check box when you drove the same route back. This will double the total number of calculated distances.

D. Favorite Addresses - If you use the same address regularly, you may save it by clicking the icon in From and To fields.

E. Add Alternative Routes - For multiple legs, you may add another route by clicking the + icon and an additional To field will appear.

F. Choose Alternative Routes - Change the default route by choosing from the drop-down list below the map.

3. Once completed, click Submit.

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