The export/import functionality will make it easy for you to update any information about your existent categories.

All you need to do is export all categories, modify the necessary information about your categories, and then import it back.

Exporting existing categories

Go to Admin > Categories and click Export All button

This file can be used to import new categories as described here.

Below are the information you can obtain from Categories export:

  • Name

  • Accounting Code

  • Secondary Code

  • Branch Name

  • Branch Id

  • Parent Category fill the name of the wanted parent category

  • Split Expense Categories fill the names of the wanted split categories, separated by commas

  • Limit Expense Type enter whether the category should be limited to: Expense Mileage PerDiem

  • Default Expense Type enter whether the category should default for: Mileage PerDiem

  • Default Booking Type enter whether the category is default to a booking such as: Hotel Flight Car Rail

  • Comment Field Required enter whether a comment is required to yes or no 0 = No; 1 = Yes

  • Trip Field Required enter whether a trip field is required to yes or no 0 = No; 1 = Yes

  • Check-in/out Date Field Required enter whether check in or check out field is required yes or no 0 = No; 1 = Yes

  • Per Diem Warning enter whether a per diem warning is needed when users have a per diem on the same day. 0 = No; 1 = Yes

  • Status enter whether the category is active or inactive 0 = Inactive; 1 = Active

Fill the translation for the following language:

  • English

  • Dutch

  • French

  • Portuguese

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Danish

  • Hungarian

  • Czech

  • Polish

  • Slovak

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Finnish

  • Swedish

The Export File looks like this:




Once done exporting categories, you may use the same exact file to update existing category details. Columns/Headers that are not applicable to your company can be removed except from the following:

  • Name

  • Branch Name

  • Branch Id (Only if you have branch id added in Branch page)

  • Status (0 = when setting a category to Inactive; 1 = when settings a category to active or adding a new one)

After updating your data, don't forget to save. Then, go back to Admin > Categories page and click Import.

Import categories page appears

You can drag and drop your saved file on this page. You can also click browse to manually select the file.


  • When creating an import file from scratch, it is important that you follow the exact same columns as shown above.

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