Categories Settings



Enter name of the category visible on end users.

(Maximum of 256 characters)

Accounting code

Enter the account code/GL code. This is NOT visible on end users but will show on your accounting report.

(Maximum of 128 characters)

Secondary code

Add a secondary account/GL code.

(Maximum of 128 characters)

Limit the category to specific Branch and groups

This means that only the specific group can have the access to the category.

Parent category

Allows you to group categories hierarchy.


Toggle the switch to set categories to Active or Inactive.


Limit to expense type

Limit categories to ‘Expense’, ‘Mileage’ or ‘PerDiem’

Default for expense type

Set a category by default to ‘Mileage’ or ‘PerDiem’

Default for booking type

Set a category by default for a booking type such as: ‘Hotel’, ‘Flight’, ‘Car’ or ‘Rail’.

Split expense categories

When used, the system will ask for the user to split the expense before submitting.

Require expense fields

Require fields to a certain categories (Comment, Trip, Check-in or Check-out)

Per diem warning

If enabled, a warning will show when users have a per diem on the same day.

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