Below are the terms and actions available within Categories page.

Default Categories

Rydoo have 15 default categories already created and they are listed from the image shown above.

Category Details

  • Name: The name that will show on Category drop-down menu of end users.

  • Accounting Code: Account Code/GL Code that is not visible to end users, but used for reporting purposes.

  • Branch: Categories are only visible for users in this specific Branch. NOTE: Categories must be added per Branch.

  • Source: Shows where the category is originated. If the category is added manually or via import, it will show as Rydoo. When you connect to a partner accounting package such as Xero, Quickbooks, Exact and etc then, it will show as such.

  • Status: Shows for each category whether it is Active or Inactive.


  • Add Filter: Allows you to add filter specifically Branch when sorting categories.

  • Export All: Provides an Excel file containing all categories and their details.

  • Import: Allows you to add/edit categories in bulk.

  • Add Category: Used to add a new category one by one.

No of Categories

Gives you the total number of categories listed in your view

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