Errors... Who likes getting errors or prompts? We hear you. No one! But there are unavoidable scenarios that will lead you to one. That's why we created this article to let you know of the possible prompts that you may get while creating or modifying expenses within Rydoo and how to fix them:


Attendee not included

In the comment field, please ensure that the name of the attendee is highlighted. There are times when the system allows you to enter an attendee, save and submit the expense without the attendee being recognized.

The mentioned user's full name is not valid

This message appears when you try to save or submit an expense with an edited attendee name or when there is a space after the "@" sign. To fix, please remove the space, re-add the attendee and ensure that it highlights the attendee's full name.

Note: There are cases where the error comes from the unintentional spaces added in the user's profile - this can be checked by the Administrator in the Admin > Users page. Ensure that there are no spaces before or after the user's first or last name.

Tagging yourself as an attendee


There used to be an option to mention yourself in the past in the comment field via mobile application. This has been blocked as you are part of the attendees by default and don't need to include yourself in the comments anymore.


As the prompt suggests, kindly fill in the "comment" field before submitting.


Inactive Project

When you have projects enabled, ensure that the project you selected is Active. Otherwise, you will get this message:

NOTE: Only the Company Administrator can check whether the project is active or not.

Project is not valid

The project you selected is not active for your Group.

To Fix

Kindly change your group and update the project selected.


Please select a country. As some companies opted for this field to be required.

Wrong status

This shows when Finance tries to submit a rejected expense.

To fix

Allow the user to reply and edit the rejected expense. This is to ensure that the user is well aware of the adjustments made.

Card Matching

It is an option for a company to require an expense to be matched to a company card transaction. If not, this message will appear.

To fix, kindly match the expense to a "company" card transaction.


The group is not active yet for the expense date you selected. Kindly adjust your transaction date or reach out to your Company Administrator to know when your group was added to the system.

Payment Method

Kindly check if your selected payment method is active in your Personal Settings.


Categories can be set up in two ways.

  • As a parent category that serves as a header; OR

  • As sub-categories which are the options from your "category" drop-down menu and are visible under the parent category.

This prompt shows when the selected category is already inactive but has a parent category linked to it. To fix this, the Company Administrator has to find the category in question on Admin > Categories page and remove the parent linked to it.

Split Expenses


An expense can be split into a maximum of 20 lines and the minimum is 2




Please select from the Trip field.

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