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  • What does the Incomes Register (Katre) add-on do?

  • The income types that are supported

  • Pre-requisites for the add-on

Why do we offer the Incomes Register (Katre) add-on?

As of 2019, Finish companies need to declare employees' income, including mileages and per diems, right after the employee has been paid. For finance departments, this is a lengthy and manual process to do every month. The Income Register (Katre) add-on automates this process, so finance departments don't need to worry about that anymore.

What does it do?

With the Income Register (Katre) add-on, it's possible to report payments related to per diems and mileage expenses straight to the income register (Tulorekisteri) from Rydoo. These declarations happen daily and are reported in the API interface of Tulorekisteri. The add-on supports Vero's updated API interface of 2021.

Which Income Types are supported?

By default, the reimbursable mileage will be declared with income type 311, and the per diem payment will be declared with income type 331. More information on the different income types can be found here.

Which prerequisites are required to enable the Income Register (Katre) add-on?

  • Expenses should be linked to a branch with the country Finland.

  • The branch should have a valid VAT ID number.
    The VAT ID number should be added in Finnish Format.
    FI46486712 > Should be added as > 4648671-2

  • Mileage and per diem expenses need to be marked as reimbursed and have an appropriate payment date.

  • The Finish Income Earners Id needs to be added to the user's profile.

  • Per diem rates need to set up according to the Finish regulations.

  • Grant mandate to Rydoo to log declarations in the system.

    Rydoo accounting firmยดs details:

    Rydoo NV

How does the flow typically look like?

  1. Approved expenses are exported from Rydoo to your accounting system (Netsuite, SAP, etc.)

  2. When your accounting system sets these expenses as 'paid,' we'll receive feedback via an API, and these expenses will change their status to 'reimbursed' in Rydoo.

  3. The Katre add-on will declare expenses with a reimbursed status to the Finnish Incomes Register daily.

  4. A report is generated for each declaration


Mileage expense is approved and reimbursed in Rydoo

Payment data reported in the Income Register

How do I connect my Rydoo account to the Incomes Register add-on?

Please contact your account manager or email us at [email protected].

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