Whether you want to import a long list of tax rates to your Rydoo account or wish to update any of your existing tax rates, the import\export feature is perfect for it.

Below we explain to you how to download the template, fill in the information, and import it back to your Rydoo account:

I. Download the template

  • Navigate to your tax rates page, and click on the “Export all” button. This will generate an Excel file that you can download.

II. Fill-in or update the information correctly

  1. Open the document downloaded. You will see that there are many columns.

  2. Start filling in the information about your tax rates such as:

  • Tax Code - An optional code linked to that tax rate

  • Rate - the total value of the tax rate

  • Branch Name - The name of the branch it belongs to. A tax rate is associated to a single branch and not an account.

  • Status - you can set the tax rate to be active or inactive by default. True = active False = inactive

  • Country - A 3 letter ISO code. Example: FRA (For more information, check the column Aplha 3 in this article)

  • External Id - Any ID you want to associate to that tax rate (in case you need to map these rates with your accounting systems)

  • Subrate name 1 - Name of the first sub-rate

  • Subrate 1 - Value of the first subrate

  • Subrate code 1 - Optional code linked to the first subrate

  • Subrate name 2 - Name of the second sub-rate

  • Subrate 2 - Value of the second subrate

  • Subrate code 2 - Optional code linked to the second sub-rate

  • Categories - Categories should already exist on your Rydoo account, and each category should be separated by a semicolon. Example: Gifts; Meals; Insurance

  • Id - The Rydoo tax rate ID. It’s not mandatory for the import. When a new tax rate is created via import, it will automatically have an ID linked to it

III. Importing the file back to Rydoo

  1. Save the excel you worked on

  2. Go to the Tax rates page on Rydoo. Click on "Add tax rate" > select Import xlsx.

  3. An import wizard will pop-up. You can either drop the document or click on browse to look for it.

Error messages:

The most common error happens because the information provided in the file was not typed properly. Make sure that:

  • You have written properly the branch and category names. And most importantly, that these exist.

  • Make sure you have filled the Status values properly: True or False.

If you have any questions, shoot us a message via the chat bubble or at [email protected]

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