As an Administrator, it is important to know your way around common errors when syncing NetSuite to Rydoo. Not only this will give you valuable information, but it can also help you reduce encountering them in the future and improve your syncing process.

To determine why you received an error and how to fix the issue, you need to understand what the error messages mean. We have compiled the Top 7 Most Common NetSuite Errors: what they mean, what causes them, and how to fix them.

  1. Invalid customer reference key ‘XXX’ for entity ‘ZZ’

  2. Invalid account reference key ‘XXX’ for subsidiary ‘ZZ’

  3. Invalid category reference key XX for subsidiary XX

  4. Invalid entity reference key 12345

  5. There was an issue syncing your accounting software. Please contact support.

  6. Don't have sufficient permissions

  7. Invalid tax code reference key ‘CCC’

For quick troubleshooting steps or checklist, feel free to browse the article below:


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